Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Goals and Resolutions!

Everyone seems to be posting all of their awesome 2013 goals and resolutions today, so I decided to be a sheep and do the same thing! Here we go:

#1. Lose 65lbs by the end of the year.

This is by far my biggest goal. Oh how I'd love to be down 65lbs! Not just love... I WILL be down 65 lbs this year. I've seen so many real people on MLFC and read so many blogs, it's amazing motivation! No Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers commercial has ever motivated me like the people in the MLFC group :) I've struggled with my weight since my first child in 2004. I jumped from 150lbs to 230. 3 kids later I've stayed around the same weight. I'm ready to get healthy, not only to get to MILF status, but to be able to keep up with my boys! Those little humans are constant balls of energy and they run circles around me.

#2. Get skinny enough for a gym membership.

I know what you're thinking... Isn't the gym supposed to help you get in shape? Yes.. But I am currently so flabby that I'm not comfortable enough to even step foot in a gym and let my flabbiness fly. I know that other gym-goers don't care and they're there to workout, but I'm still so self conscious it'll be all that I think about and I won't get a workout in. So I'll be using my elliptical and working out at home for a little while. I've made a mini goal to reward myself with a gym membership when I hit ONEderland :)

#3. Run my first 5k and 10k in 15 years.

That makes me sound a lot older than I am.. But my dad had me running races and track starting when I was 8 years old. Every race that was going on, you can believe I was in it. He even had me train with the track and field girls from Alabama A&M university when I was 10! So, needless to say I HATED running. I mean, even like a year ago I'd tell you the very idea of it was worse than a life without wine... But I think something clicked when I realized that I need to run to get healthy, I think when I was forced to run instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons, it really took the fun out of it. I have a bad knee, so of course I need to lose a little more weight before I start, but I'm looking forward to running for fun (never in a million years did I think I'd ever say that). I'd love to do a color run, mud run, or even a spartan race. If someone would set up a Zombie themed 5k, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

#4. Read a book a month

To help exercise my mind! I need to turn the damn tv off... I love TV.. I mean I watch everything from True Blood to Sons of Anarchy to Glee to Walking Dead religiously. I really need to step away from the Netflix and get a little literature on.

#5. Dedicate 8 hours a night to sleep

I can literally count the number of nights in the last 3 years that I've gotten a full night's sleep on one hand. As soon as the twins started sleeping through the night, I popped another one out. The bags under my eyes are so black that I can't even cover them up with 4 layers of makeup. I've decided they add character to my face. I'd almost miss them if they were gone. Not really.

and last but not least......

I want to make sure I write in this blog at least once a week! It's all about accountability right? What better way to keep me on track then share my goals, milestones, and speed bumps with all of you guys right?

Anyone have any goals for the new year?? 

I hope 2013 is everyone's best year yet! Let's make it happen!!!

 Stay Classy :)

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  1. Great goals!! I posted my resolutions on my blog tonight too!

    Wishing us all the best of luck!!