Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Week in Review

Hope everyone had a fantastic week! My week was chaotic as usual... In fact I'm dodging legos and balls hitting my face as we speak; being thrown from my kids of course, you pervs.

My Polar F7 came in on Monday :) Not only did I try that baby out, but I worked out a whopping 4 days this week! Usually I shoot for 3, but I actually did fit 4 in.. And I actually felt better!
I worked out 2 hrs and 45 minutes this week and burned 1666 calories :) I know that for some of you this is your Sunday workout, but for me it was a giant leap in the right direction! I really sucked with my water intake this week.. It's just something about the pop that I can't quit! I am proud to say that I'm sipping on a Chick-Fil-A cup of water while my husband eats his 5th meal today, and no we haven't had dinner yet. Hopefully this week will be even better. I want to make sure I mention that Charla from Fluffy in Frisco has been an amazing accountability partner this month, and I hope we'll keep in touch!

Side note and completely random rambling.... Did you know that once you're practically 30, (27, but whatevs) you really can't drink all night and feel amazing the next morning for work!? This picture was followed with some Fat Amy Imitations and trying to horizontal run... NOT PRETTY!

So despite waking up feeling like Lindsay Lohan, I had a pretty good week :) Just need to make sure I choose the elliptical instead of Jello Shots :) Hope your week shapes up to be amazing!

Stay Classy :)

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

FINALLY!!!!! I've broken through my slump and lost 3 lbs! Happy Dance!

So what did I do different this week? I drank more regular pop than normal.. Maybe that helped! Not really, I mean I did, but I also made sure that I drank at least 4-5 bottles of water a day. I also started using MFP again, so that helped as well. Ohhhhh and I finally did an hour on the elliptical! That was one of my February goals, so I'm stoked that I've gotten to that point before the middle of the month.  It's the little things people!!! Hope everyone ELSE out there has a great Valentine's day... I will NOT. I'm sure my husband won't shower me with chocolate and flowers because he knows I have allergies and I'm on a diet.. Actually he probably doesn't know either of those things. Nevertheless, I will just wake up, go to work, go on a date with the elliptical at the gym, and then go home! But my husband's douchebag tendencies are for another day! Sorry this is so short, but I've got to get ready to go to the gym before work!!! Make sure you check out Erin at She's a Big Star (link below) and all of the other ladies linking up today on Weigh in Wednesday! Here's to another great week ahead!

Stay Classy,

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weigh in Thursday???

So amidst the craziness called 'Bridal Christmas' at work.... I completely forgot to post for Weigh In Wednesday...There was a lot of stuff going on, so time has definitely escaped me!

So what has happened in the last week??? Well let's start with this fitness expedition... which is totally the proper term for my fitness journey. As you may have previously read, I started going to the gym, so of course I thought " As soon as I rock this shit, I'm going to drop weight super fast!"

So of course that didn't happen.. probably because I'd reward myself for working out with something super bad for me... like a twinkie... but not literally a twinkie because that ish is HARD (that's what she said) to find.... Believe me, because I've checked.

So it's time for a diet change... For the rest of February I'm really going to try to stay away from alcohol for the rest of the month. I'm also committing myself religiously to My Fitness Pal. I lost my first 15 lbs just dieting and logging everything that I ate/drank. I'd like to jump on the clean eating bandwagon that's going on, but I need to do more research on it.. And by research, yes I do mean Pinterest.

Other than work and my not so successful week at the gym, I'm going crazy at home trying to potty train 3 toddlers.... Yep, you read that right, 3 toddlers...So of course I'm bat shit crazy! Oh yeah... and I know this is completely RANDOM.... but am I the only one who was NOT impressed with Beyonce at the Super Bowl?!

Sorry... I just had to say SOMETHING.. My facebook newsfeed that night was ridic with the love for Beyonce, I wanted to vomit.

 Anyway y'all.... Hope you're all having a FABULOUS week! This super awesome chick at  Keeping up with K has nominated us for a Liebster Award, so that post will be up in just a couple of days! Make sure you guys head over to her blog and give her some love!

Until next time guys!

Stay Classy!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Meal Planning For The Semi-Healthy Control Freak, and other ADD ramblings.

Greetings all! It's FRIDAY!!!

Was everyone else's week as crazy hectic as mine? Thank sweet baby Jesus the weekend is FINALLY here! This weekend Amanda and I are having a girls night, and fo' reelz y'all it is seriously overdue! We're going out to a local place with live music for a friend's birthday party. (Really it's Amanda's friend, I barely know the girl, but I'm tagging along because this chick needs a drink!)

We're gonna go out, get white girl wasted, not count calories and be irresponsible. Doesn't that sound like fun?

I'm sure we'll be responsible Blogger girls and take pics of it all so we can update you guys on how interesting and narcissistic we are!

Now, onto what I originally wrote this post for. I decided to start meal planning. I even got all Betty Homemaker about it and created a spreadsheet for this next week. I had every intention of uploading it as a PDF to show you guys, but  I don't know how. instead I decided not to, BECAUSE:

Instead I'll just type it up like I know how.

Meal Planning for Week of February 3rd-February 8th
(Note: I'm only listing Dinner time meal planning since I have the same Breakfast and Lunch nearly everyday; cereal or oatmeal for breakfast. Sandwich, fruit, and cheese wedge for lunch)

Wednesday: Cajun Pork Tenderloin and Veggies

Do you meal plan? I'd love some tips and tricks to make it as simple as possible. Leave me some ideas in the comments below!!