Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mini Meltdown

So I received an e-mail stating that my 10 year class reunion would be in June... JUNE?!??!

I thought for sure I had until August to get some of this weight off!!!! So now that I'm through freaking out and having a melt down, it's time to get into gear. I've moved my elliptical into my bedroom, top decorator here. I figure if I literally have to climb over it to get out of bed, maybe I'll trip onto it and just start moving!

My weigh in this morning was a good one! I'm down 2 more lbs and still in the Last Loser Standing. There's another competition starting on FB called The Biggest Loser Challenge. We'll weigh in each week and by the end of the competition (May) we'll see who the Biggest Loser was. It's perfect timing for the reunion!

In closing, I'd love to hear about any workouts you like to do that have produced results. Beginner level please... I'm no where near ML or Pretty Meg status. Those women are beasts in the gym.

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