Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap, and other ramblings...

Greetings everyone! It's Becca again, the more awesome less frequent blogger. I'm trusting that everyone had a great, fitness filled weekend! Did Amanda mention we joined a gym?

I've been DYING to join this gym since it opened back in the summer of 2012. It's only $25, it has 24/7 access, plus TANNING!!

This lady seriously freaks me out.

Now, before y'all jump all on my shit about how tanning is bad for you, don't. First off, I know it's bad for me, I do it anyway. Secondly, I'm from the south and I like to have some color on my legs when I wear my shorty-shorts and house shoes out to the Wal-Mart, dammit!

Anyway, back to the gym. So Amanda and I joined this past week and have been like a total of three times together because we have completely different schedules, but still, I love it.
Plus, my Brady Bands came in the mail Friday, so I TOTES had a good excuse to wake up SUPER early Saturday morning and hit the gym!

Yep, those are little mustaches all over. I'm in love. (excuse the grody smudged eyeliner)

If you guys haven't ordered from Amy yet, you totally need to. When I say these don't slip, I mean it. Plus they come in like a bazillion different styles, and best of all, they're cheap! She'll even custom make some for you if she can find the ribbon! I'm not even getting paid to endorse her, I just loved mine so much I thought I'd give a shout out! Not to mention she's one of our very own Fit Campers (awesome), and a portion of her proceeds goes to fund research for Pediatric Cancer (double awesome).

This week I'm working on planning out my meals and gym time to keep me more organized and able to stick to healthy eating. I plan to go to the gym today, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I've also got meals planned out for 4 out of 5 work days. I'm hoping both of these things will help keep me on track. Do you have any specific things that help you stick to your goals? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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