Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Week in Review

Hope everyone had a fantastic week! My week was chaotic as usual... In fact I'm dodging legos and balls hitting my face as we speak; being thrown from my kids of course, you pervs.

My Polar F7 came in on Monday :) Not only did I try that baby out, but I worked out a whopping 4 days this week! Usually I shoot for 3, but I actually did fit 4 in.. And I actually felt better!
I worked out 2 hrs and 45 minutes this week and burned 1666 calories :) I know that for some of you this is your Sunday workout, but for me it was a giant leap in the right direction! I really sucked with my water intake this week.. It's just something about the pop that I can't quit! I am proud to say that I'm sipping on a Chick-Fil-A cup of water while my husband eats his 5th meal today, and no we haven't had dinner yet. Hopefully this week will be even better. I want to make sure I mention that Charla from Fluffy in Frisco has been an amazing accountability partner this month, and I hope we'll keep in touch!

Side note and completely random rambling.... Did you know that once you're practically 30, (27, but whatevs) you really can't drink all night and feel amazing the next morning for work!? This picture was followed with some Fat Amy Imitations and trying to horizontal run... NOT PRETTY!

So despite waking up feeling like Lindsay Lohan, I had a pretty good week :) Just need to make sure I choose the elliptical instead of Jello Shots :) Hope your week shapes up to be amazing!

Stay Classy :)

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